Statewide Database Subscription FY2013

In October 2011, the State Library posted a Request for Proposal.  Library community members evaluated over 100 databases from Dec. 15, 2011 through March 15, 2012. The Decision-making Committee met on April 5th. The SLK, the Kansas Department of Administration and the Attorney General’s Office worked through the contracts, licenses and “exceptions” — and negotiated to everyone’s satisfaction.

Please remember that this subscription cannot be finalized until the Legislature has finalized the budget for next fiscal year. There is, however, $800,000 in the SLK budget for statewide research databases to be accessible to all Kansans.

This is the list of vendors with whom we will have contracts beginning August 1, 2012:


LearningExpress Library

Mango (Language Learning)

ProQuest Heritage Quest

ProQuest Nursing

Britannica Encyclopedia


A list of the databases themselves may be found at


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